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Molly Molone's CAT

This story was e-mailed to us from Jerri Mannion, E-mail: jmannion99@comcast.net , If anyone can update us or Jerri, please do so.
I just wanted to try and get a message to someone at Glendalough to let them know what happened to Molly, their resident black cat. Recently, in fact in was last Friday 2/14/03, our CIE tour group visited Glendlough. Molly greeted us at the beginning of our tour and we were introduced to her. During our time there it was necessary to open the luggage compartment of the bus. Unbeknownst to anyone of us, Molly hopped aboard. When we arrived at our destination in Dublin - the Berkshire Hotel, our bus driver opened the luggage compartment and out jumped Molly who scurried away before we could catch her. I wasn't sure whether anyone had informed Glendalough since I suspect there might be someone there who feeds and cares for her. Molly is now in Dublin and hopefully has found a nice family to take her in. I hope she enjoys it as much as we did. I am sorry for those at Glendalough who miss her though. Anyway, I wanted to pass this news along. Thanks for doing that for me. Jerri
The cat was introduced to us by our guide at Glendalough as "Molly Malone". That's apparently the name that was given to it. Thanks very much. Jerri