Church of St Kevin's


November 22nd, 2002 Race Night
The annual Mass for those who died during the past year will be celebrated at 7 pm on Saturday, 2nd November, All Souls Day. It will be an opportunity to show our continued support for the loved ones they leave behind.
Included in our prayers will be Ann Doyle, Bill Conway, Fr Noel Reynolds, Teresa Evans, Archdeacon John R. Doyle, Brother Francis Murphy, Tom Kinlan, Willie Murtagh and Rose Murtagh.
September 11th Memorial Garden

A special memorial for all those who perished on September 11th last is planned for Glendalough. The memorial will be the centrepiece of a garden of meditation for pilgrims and visitors to the area and part of the Glendalough 2000 project. With the restored Famine Church of St. Kevin as its focal point, the garden will evoke the physical, emotional and spiritual journeys that we all make through our lives.
Renowned Irish designer David Shorthall is to create a natural garden incorporating the existing wild oaks, birch, yew and whitethorn, granite outcrops, a waterfall and other natural features. The mood will be enhanced by sculptures, tactile ceramics, musical water features and sensory plants.
The September 11th memorial will feature two specially commissioned columns of Irish granite set in a quiet corner of the garden with plenty of seating so that the visitors can reflect and meditate in peace.
Funding of €125,000 is currently being sought so that the garden can be completed by next spring.