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I was wondering if you had directions from Powerscourt, Enniskerry, to Glendalough. The most scenic way is preferred.


The nicest way is when you come out of Powerscourt, turn right and you will head down a twisting tree lined road over a very narrow bridge to a ‘y’ junction. Turn right and head for about 2km to a 'T' junction where you go left and then immediately right at a ‘y’ junction. This leads you up onto the old Calary road with open space and trees on right. There are parking areas where you can walk or picnic here. Continue along this road about 8km to a cross roads. Go across and about 2km on you come to Roundwood village. Straight through and on to Annamoe village (over a bridge with trout farm on right). About 2km on you come to Laragh. Go across bridge and turn right. About 2km along you come to Glendalough,
will take about 30-40minutes at average speed.
Have a nice time
An alternative, longer way is to go right up into the mountains and across Sally Gap to Laragh and then Glendalough.
Turn left out of Powerscourt, and left at the ‘y’ junction, just down the hill a bit. Go left at the next cross roads and then follow this road for about 5km up into the hills and past Glencree Reconciliation Center, which is on a very tight left back hand bend. Just after this you come onto the main Sally Gap Road. Go straight onto this and around a corner go left. This twisting road winds it’s way up into the mountains towards Sally Gap. When you reach Sally Gap Cross Roads (about 5km) go straight across, and continue on the twisting road about another 5km. You come down beside Glenmacanass Waterfall and then about 2km on into Laragh. Go right and across bridge, then immediately right again and about 2km on you come to Glendalough. This will take upto one and a half hours, maybe more if you stop frequently..
Note care should be taken on this route while driving, but the views are fantastic. Be very careful in a mist!



I have recently come across an old dinner service which was made in Glendalough. I have been searching your site for some information on old pottery factorys but have had no sucess. I am interested in finding out if it is of any value.
I would be very grateful if you could look into this for me and let me know of your findings.
Yours sincerely,
Ms L. McConnell
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There are two or three graves at Glendalough which contain the remains of some of my ancestors (on my father's side of the family). The family name isWaldron and the graves are quite close to the ruins in the graveyard. One of them is, I believe, named Thomas Waldron and his grave was renovated by the residents of the village where he lived, in appreciation of his services.
Does anybody there have any information about who he was and what he did that was appreciated by the villagers. I would be very interested and grateful to receive any information that is known.
With thanks and best wishes Jenny Scott
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