Glendalough Resource Centre

The Association
Glendalough & District Development Association was founded in 1990, with the intention of co-ordinating efforts within the Glendalough area, to develop the area in a sustainable manner for the benefit of the local community.

The Association has been involved in many projects over the years, and in particular played an important role in the production of the Focus Action Plan for the Laragh/Glendalough area. The committees involvement in these various projects, has resulted in the introduction of the Information Technology Centre, the Millennium Time Capsule, and the new Car Park at Brockagh, amongst others. Committee members are also involved in the Tourism Pilot Initiative, currently forwarding the recommendations of the Visitor Management Study, with a budget of IR£330,000.

The Associations aim is to cater for the social, cultural and educational aspirations within the Community, and to provide an independent focal point, for all sections of the community.

Prospectus Information
This prospectus contains information relating to the activities of Glendalough and District Development Association Limited. The directors have taken all reasonable care to ensure that all statements of fact or opinions contained in this document are true and accurate in all material respects.

The Glendalough District a Development Association Limited.
The Association following advice received in connection with the proposed development of the Resource Centre (arising out of the Focus Action Plan), decided that a new entity should be formed, namely The Glendalough District Development Association Limited (GDDA Limited), being a company limited by guarantee. The company was incorporated in 1997, and received charitable status in 1999.

The new company has as its primary objective, the development of the Resource Centre, and the raising of such funds as are necessary to defray the total development costs of the Centre, which are estimated to amount to approximately IR£850,000.

The Board of Directors
The Board of Directors of Glendalough a District Development Association
Ltd. are,
D. Carter (Chairperson), K. McDonald, P. Casey, S. Doyle,
J. Mitchell, F. McEvoy, L. Farrington, 0. Mulrane, J. Stakem, P. Fahy (Secretary).
Directorship of the Company is open through membership of the association

The Board of the limited company (GDDA Limited), will be responsible for the arranging and funding of banking facilities and member's loans They will actively promote the Resource Centre and secure tenants for the enterprise units. On completion of the Resource Centre, the Board will also be responsible for the day to day administration of Company, and in particular the management of the property and the control of Company expenditure They will also raise funds in support of the centre through specific fund raising events